The Robertshaw's family page

(Family stuff mainly for the relatives).


Anyone looking for  sword related items should not be here, unless they want son No. 2 for Tameshigiri (sword testing).  There would of course be a slight charge for taking him off my hands,

...............................but I can pay you in cash!


                                                                                   Enter at your peril!

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The animals, in order of age and beauty. Which 'order' is, of course, open to speculation:


Oliver Robertshaw, geeker extraordinaire and all round computer wizard. Too clever for his own good by far, single and probably not interested in girls (or anything else for that matter unless it contains calculus or a computer chip)! Takes after his smooth, suave, handsome, highly intelligent ex-fighter pilot dad without the hair loss. Olivers' comments:But of course, these are all malicious lies spread by the other mortals due to their jealousy of all my other talents which they have failed to mention here.

                                                           Oli.JPG (54699 bytes)

Adam Robertshaw, alias "Animal", definitely not interested in girls unless they have either money, illegal 'toys' of any kind, or something he knows he shouldn't have but cannot acquire through any other source. All round animal of the highest order. Enjoys kicking the hell out of the other hooker at Schoolboy rugby, and takes a totally contrarian approach to whatever his parents say!                          

"Animal" at rest after feedinganimal3.JPG (11036 bytes)

       Adam.JPG (8947 bytes)                            and just prior to striking

Austin Robertshaw, latest addition to the house of horrors. All round destroyer of anything valuable.Used to look pretty cute like this:

8Traindrive2.JPG (83384 bytes)20Sheep.JPG (19940 bytes)


                                        now looks more like this
                                        (Austin is on the right):  



Guess who's eyes he doesn't have. Sometimes I wonder.......!

22eyes.JPG (10345 bytes)     babe_eyes.JPG (11143 bytes)    dad_eyes.JPG (9611 bytes)

Latest Austin shot.... here he is hard at it in deep transcendental meditation:



And here is The Babe, spender of my hard earned Japanese sword money on wasted items such as food, clothing, holidays, heating & shoes .... at least we can use her shoes as ballast on our home (see next section ). Taken before she had her last brain cell removed.

This is her feeble attempt to get me to buy her more diamonds:                         and here is a much,much better attempt:Denise2.JPG (20549 bytes)

         mybabe34.JPG (80595 bytes)                     

Our home, Lady Guinevere, until the end of April that is. Two of the happiest days in our lives as boaters: The day that we took delivery of the boat, and the day that we sold her! From a boat to a rabbit hutch on the 19th floor ! OURFLAT.JPG (13031 bytes)

                                                            boat2.JPG (57231 bytes)






                                    We never learn!   Another boat called SHIK

                                            which means "SAMURAI SPIRIT':




So we go out for dinner to celebrate (I'm the handsome one on the left):





Shots of the guys:

Oliver all togged up for OXFORD UNIVERSITY:

"The World is full of riff-raff ruffians!"

  Austin .. "Don't even think about it !"







                                                                                                                                   Adam : "Got any more booze, smokes & girls?"


Oliver in macho warrior mode with Dad and Adam in Rome !

Latest as at 02 Feb 02


University Swatt ..... gets it from his Dad's side of the family !                     Amber - Latest and last addition to the football team.

                            (I don't think)



Amber & Austin - "Hangin Out"  together