Book - The School of Hizen Tadayoshi - Saga, Hizen, Japan 1598 - 1871

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To understand the different signatures, you have to know the entire history of the individual smiths concerned.... when they were born, how old they were when their fathers died, how many children they had, who their students were, and when they died. Where they lived and worked and who commissioned them. You should understand when they received their titles and honours, and from whom.

When you collate this tremendous amount of information into one readable book, only then can you fully understand why there are so many variations in the 9 generations of mainline signatures; only then can you even begin to comprehend.........................The School of Tadayoshi.

 20 Years of Study and over 3½ years dedicated writing
Over 500 Explanatory Images and Oshigata
38 Colour Photographs
30 Colour Prints including a set of Kuniyoshi prints
9 Colour Spreadsheets of Data
Over 68,000 words of text
214  Pages crammed with chronological information about the Tadayoshi
Foreword by Clive Sinclaire, Chairman (ret), UK Token Society
A variety of Japanese art from the Author's private collection
All the recognized 'Tadayoshi' signatures shown in oshigata form and explained

The hardback book SOLD OUT shortly after release (some original books may be available online through specialist book dealers, but last time I checked they were selling for around US$800 if you can find one!). The later CD Version has been discontinued, but the PDF DOWNLOAD is available. The download has additional information in it from the original book: The recently discovered ancestors of the Tadayoshi (Kinuko Manuscript) detailing the Tadayoshi line back to the 12th Century. The PDF version also includes the background to the manuscript discovery, and some additional art material.

Check out the History page to see a glimpse of the data in the book.

The data is invaluable to anyone studying Hizen Tadayoshi and Hizento in general as this remains THE most concise book in the English language about THE most prestigious Shinto/Shin-Shinto School of Swordsmiths.

The PDF format DOWNLOAD is now available for US$39.99

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