Sword #8: Katana signed "Hizen Kuni Yoshitada"


Tachi blade and habaki only. Blade signed tachi mei HIZEN KUNI YOSHITADA. Ubu tang, one hole, no stamps or other marks. Sugu hamon with slight notare running full length of blade with typical Hizen boshi. Grain cannot be seen due to numerous very fine lengthwise cleaning? scratches (like HIKE) however the polish is crisp, clean and shiney. I think this may have been a low gradeWW2 polish as the shinogi and muni are still burnished bright. No flaws, no chips, no openings, no hagiri. There are a few pinhead rust specks. I am of the opinion that this sword is handmade, however I am unsure of the age of the sword. The tang has a rich brown/black patina which points towards a Shinto blade, however, I think it is most probably Gendaito. However it has the fine balance and feel of an older blade. Sharp hamachi (ie not ububa). I am of the opinion therefore it is a Tachi made by good Gendai Tosho. Here is some information on the Gendai Tosho signing Yoshitada:


Real name is Kinoshita Koichi, Eldest son of Katsutaro. Lived in Nagasaki prefecture. Taught by a descendant of the Tadayoshi (his teacher said he was a descendant of the Tadayoshi). Made sanmei construction swords. In 1935 he made a sword for a festival for the 600yr anniversary of Saga Ku Sunoki Shrine and from 1940 he submitted swords every year to the sword festival. He became a military sword maker and helped Prof. Tenaguchi at Kyushu Imperial University to study swords (from 1945). He won exhibitions for new swords. In 1953 Ise Imperial Shrine (Jingu) (Jinga=Shrine Jingu=Imperial Shrine) festival he made a sacred sword. Died 1957 aged 66 and last lived in Saga prefecture in the town of Beppu (In the old days it was called Saga town, now it is Saga Prefecture - This is where the famous Tadayoshi School forged swords - so no wonder this sword is in their style).

Tachi with suguha in a gentle notare. Ko-nie and nioi-deki. Graceful sori in the style of the Hizen Tadayoshi School. Crisp and clean polish with very light scratches. Gold wash habaki. A nice Hizen blade ready to mount.

69.6 cm, 27.4", 2 Shaku 2 Sun 9 Bu 7 Rin Cutting Length

Hizen Yoshitada


US $2,000