Sword #6: Jumonji Yari



Impeccable ubu Jumonji Yari with the inscription:

"Motome Banshi Yoshitori Yoshisaemon Masayasu Motome Ojite Tsukuru Kore Wo"
(Made by special request of the watchguard Samurai Yoshitori Yoshisaemon Masayasu)

"Bunkyu San-Nen I Hachi Gatsu Ka"
(A day in August 1863 -zodiac year of the Wild Boar )

 "Choshu Ju Morihide Zo"
(Made by Morihide living in Choshu)

This was a special oder yari made for the Samurai Masayasu by the smith Morihide in August 1863. If you tap this yari, it continues to ring like a tuning fork for around 30 seconds. In 100% polish, flawless condition. This is the best ubu  jumonji yari I have ever seen. Great for your collection. Comes with a red & gold original leather covered saya (no pole unfortunately).

16.7 cm, 6.57", 5 Sun 5 Bu 1 Rin cutting length.

Overall 22.5"