Sword #3: Koto Mumei Katana (c.1400?)

Koto Yamato-Den Katana in koshirae.

Very nice katana in polish - with brown tasteful koshirae. This sword came from a Scottish Masonic Lodge in 1980 - It had been with the lodge for many years prior to this and was restored in 1990. Early period Tsuba has a Christian Cross theme. Silver fittings (fuchi, kashira, menuki and kojiri). Beautiful two piece habaki in unusual Shakudo and Silver with a peony? design. Brown bark effect saya with a small amount of chipping. Shirasaya and tsunagi. This sword epitomises the reserved tastes of the Samurai. Sword was probably much longer, and made suriage at the turn of the century. If you look at the very deep curve (koshi-sori), it is very reminiscent of early period swords, so I think circa 1400, maybe earlier, maybe later. Sword has never been to Japan for appraisal. Nice tidy package with a massive amount of activity in the blade.

Yamato-Den style.

63.6 cm, 25", 2 Shaku 0 Sun 9 Bu 8 Rin cutting length.