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Last updated on November 20 2020

Thumbnail Hizen Kuni Tadayoshi - C1600's Honami Koson Sayagaki - 100 Gold Pieces
Thumbnail Tomoyuki with sword test - 1862 - featured in Fuller & Gregory's book
Thumbnail Koto Yamato Den katana - ex Masonic Lodge
Thumbnail 1st Gen Tadayoshi (Dai-mei by 2nd Gen Tadayoshi) wakizashi, NBTHK.
Thumbnail 2nd Gen Tadahiro Wakizashi - NBTHK
Thumbnail Jumonji Yari - Circa 1863 - Special Order for a samurai.
Thumbnail Kunihiro - gold signature
Thumbnail Hizen Yoshitada Tachi -blade only. His teacher was a student of Tadayoshi.
Thumbnail Middle ranking Samurai armour - Mid/Late Edo period - Restored
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Thumbnail Unkai Mitsuhisa kabuto - circa 1696 - from famous Myochin family
Thumbnail Hizen Tadayoshi - Gold Edition Book
Thumbnail Hizen Tadayoshi PDF Download of the Gold Edition Book
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PLEASE NOTE - Postage is EXTRA-  but PayPal fees are included in the purchase price. Postage on Katana is US$50 worldwide speedpost, 3 to 4 working days, insured. Wakizashi US$40. Tsuba $25. All swords come with a 3 day inspection and can be returned for a refund less postage provided they are returned in the same condition as shipped.

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Sword #1 (SOLD)

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"Hizen Kuni Tadayoshi"

Appraised by Honami Koson in 1940
(Honami Koson Sayagaki with Kao - 100 gold pieces)


US$ 11,000

Sword #2 (SOLD!)

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"Bungo Ju Tomoyuki", cutting test, published sword.

Bungo Ju Tomoyuki katana with cutting test (tameshimei) by Minamoto Taro at an execution ground just outside of Tokyo. This sword is featured on pages 124 and 125 of "Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945" by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory.

Sword - Early to Mid Edo Period, Cutting Test - dated 1862

US$ 10,900 (SOLD!)

Sword  #3 (SOLD!)

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Koto Yamato-Den Katana

This sword was from a Masonic Lodge in Scotland.

Circa 1400 + ?

US$8,500 (SOLD!)

Sword  #4 (SOLD)

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1st Gen Tadahiro Wakizashi (Dai-mei by 2nd Gen)

With NBTHK papers. 1632


Sword #5

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2nd Gen Tadahiro wakizashi with NBTHK papers



Sword #6 (SOLD!)

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Jumonji Yari

Special order for a Samurai in pristine condition. c.1863

US$3,900 (SOLD!)


Sword #7 (SOLD)

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Gold attribution "Kunihiro" wakizashi.

C1600 ?

US$ 2,900

Sword  #8 (SOLD!)

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"Hizen Kuni Yoshitada" Tachi/Katana.

Blade & habaki only ideal for mounting. C1850


Armour #A1

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Mid Edo period suite of armour

Restored - will be featured in the Gallery - please check back.

Armour #A2

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Rare Kabuto signed UNKAI MITSUHISA.

From the famous MYOCHIN family of armour makers. Gold and silver inlay. Early Edo period. Kaga. C 1696


Book #B1


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Limited edition of 200 books

The School of Hizen Tadayoshi

Total US$280 incl. Worldwide Shipping

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The School of Hizen Tadayoshi

Total US$39.99